Main reasons why the face looks swollen or puffy

Sometimes your face looks so puffy even after sleeping for more than 8 hours. You can feel that your eyes are dropping to your cheeks. There are some reasons for the face look puffy in the morning even taking enough rest.

  1. Shower your face with hot water

Most people prefer only hot water in the early morning for face wash. But the hot water may cause your face to look more swollen. So you have to use cool or ice water to wash your face. This will definitely help to get rid of puffy face in the morning. Try this cold water face wash method to avoid swollen face in the morning.

  1. Having moon facies

Another reason is extra fat may build on the side of your face. This is happened due to hormonal imbalance and also the result of obesity. So if you feel fatter in your face, you have to consult with the doctor. Follow the doctor’s advice to reduce your face fat and maintain your weight to avoid the puffy face.

face looks swollen

  1. Take excess salty snacks

If you take excess salty snacks, you may get a puffy face. It is somewhat difficult to control yourself to eat the finger chips while watching movies etc. But you have to control yourself to avoid the puffy face. The oily salted snacks may increase the sodium level in your body which holds the excess fluid content in your face.

So this results as a swollen face. So try to avoid excess salty foods.

  1. Take excess alcohol

If you are attending any meeting or party and having alcohol, the next morning your face looks swollen. Because the alcohol is dehydrating your body fluid and makes your face looks puffy. It is not good for your health also. So you have to avoid drinking alcohol completely.

  1. Pillow’s allergies

Some people are having dust allergies. In some cases, the feathery pillows may cause allergy to your body. This makes your face looks puffy in the morning. You have to change your bedsheets and pillows every week and also try to keep it clean. Use the best quality pillows and bedsheets to avoid dust allergies.

Final thoughts

These are some of the main reasons that your face looks puffy every morning. So avoid these things and maintain your look. Have a bright and beautiful face.