Role of strawberries that act in the face

Think of the size of a strawberry and think of its delicious taste. This fruit will not only be good in the taste they also play a major role in glowing up the skin tone. They are otherwise said to be a super fruit that has a high anti-oxidant which will provide your skin with several nutrients for healthy skin.

In many research centers, it is mentioned that people who take vitamin C in more content will have fewer wrinkles in the future and they will even support the power of teeth. When you apply strawberries for your face you can feel a fresh and smooth skin layer.

You can find a lot of benefits of strawberries for skin which will support you almost in many aspects. To know about them continue reading,


Skin lightening:

To make the skin turn to be smoother than the normal strawberry can be used. The high content of vitamin C in the strawberry will help the skin to get a different tone. This will also involve changing the color of lips by lightning and will change the color of dark lips.


Blackheads are nothing but the small dots which appear mostly on the tip of the nose. This occurs due to the oil content which does not come out from the body. This can be removed by scrubbing the fruit in that particular area and allowing them as such for 5 minutes. Then wash your face with water and from there on you will not find any marks over there.

Dark circles:

In some cases, strawberries work like astringents too and it will help you to remove the dark circles which are occurred when being under more pressure.


When you think about aging the first thing that will come into your mind is wrinkles. To get fewer wrinkles your skin should be protected by the help of strawberries which will protect your skin from the UV light which comes directly from the sun.

Make people will doubt what strawberries do to your face? Strawberries play a positive role in the skin, on account of using this fruit will not cause you with any side effects because it is a natural product.

Bottom line:

Before you use the fruit know about the complete ability of the fruit and make use of them. With the help of this article get to know the power of strawberry and enjoy the result they give you.