Wet or dry hair – which one is best while cutting your hair?

If you want to cut your hair, you have to wash and dry it before going to the barbershop. Some of the barbers cut only the wet hair. Which one is the best way to have the exact hair cutting?? Based on the haircut, wet and dry hair cutting techniques may vary.

Wet hair cut

In case you want to have a straight hairstyle or roughly cut all same length, you can cut with wet hair. This will help to easily find out the hair length and have a simple hairstyle. The wet hair cutting is the best way for straight and simple cutting styles. So these kinds of hairstyles need wet hair to cut.

wet hair cut

Dry hair cut

If you want to have natural curls or waves hairstyle, you have to choose the dry hair cut method. This technique will help you to get the exact curly hairstyle. Also, you can see the hairstyle instantly without waiting to dry your hair. So you can easily make changes in your hairstyle.

Cut hair wet vs dry?

When you are cutting the wet hair, you can’t see the exact hairstyle instantly. You have to wait until you get dry to see the exact hairstyle. If you cut your dry hair, it is very easy to make your style and also check the instant result which helps you to modify the style. So the major difference between wet and dry hair cutting is the appearance of the hairstyle. For wet hair, it takes more time to show the style, but in the dry hair, you can see the style immediately.

Dry cutting for thick hairs

The best technique to remove the thick hair is dry haircutting. Because this will help to find out the thick area easily. But the wet hair looks flat and difficult to find the thick area. The dry cuts also reduce the damage to the hair so you can easily maintain your hair. If you have thin, fine hair, you can choose the dry cut which helps to get the exact hairstyle.

Final thoughts

If you are having curly hair, the wet hair cut is not so effective. The dry hair only shows the exact curly hair length. You can easily cut the style in the dry hair. So based on the hair type and style, you have to cut your hair wet or dry.