Is it true that brushing hair stimulates its growth?

Most people believe that brushing hair more than 100 times a day will help to stimulate hair growth and make it stronger. Let’s see it is true or not?

Is it true?

Yes, brushing help hair to grow longer and stronger. There are some of the evidence which proves that the brushing helps to stimulate hair growth. Here are some of the methods and benefits of brushing are given.

  •       If you brush your hair with a suitable hairbrush, it will help to evenly distribute the natural oils by your scalps.
  •       Brushing with natural oil throughout your length and end which gives moisture to your hair. It will help to improve your hair health, including sleekness, shine, and anti-frizz. So using a hair brush make it grow.
  •       When you brush your hair, the bristles gently massage your scalp. This increases blood flow. If the blood flow is good means the nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the follicles. This will help to improve the strength of your hair.

These are some of the main reasons to say that hair brush massage help hair grow.

Too much brushing causes damage?

If you are brushing your hair too much, that will definitely damage your hair. In case you are using a hard brush and also brush it many times will damage your hair. Don’t brush your hair roughly. This may break your hair and also damage the hair ends. The damages hair ends to stop the hair growth and also spoil the hair strength.

Some of the people roughly brush the hair from root to tip. This will pull out your hair from the root especially when you brush the knots. So you have to gently brush your hair part by part to avoid damage to your hair.

hair growth

Best brush for hair growth

The hair damage is mainly caused by the brush. So you have to concentrate on choosing the right brush. If you are using a brush with small plastic balls at the end of the bristles, stop using this kind of brush now. This will pull your hair roughly and damage your hair. Another main thing is don’t use the sharp bristle brush. It will also cause breakage to the hair.

Final thoughts

These are some of the main reasons that the brushing will help to grow hair. So choose the best brush and make your hair longer and stronger.